Welcome to the Source Forge page for the MUPS SYSTEM. We will have more content shortly.

MUPS SYSTEM (MUPS or Millikin University ePortfolio System) is a web application that allows the creation, publication, and maintence of a web portfolio that allows the student to post artifacts that demonstrate certain skill sets with the focal point on the reflection of the artifact and how it relates to their educational experience.

MUPS SYSTEM is not a check off system to use in order to track your academic progress. It could be used for that, but it was designed with a different goal in mind and is much more than a "check-off" system. It may not be as feature rich as other ePortfolio systems, but what it "lacks" in features it more than makes up for in ease of use. This is the easiest and most flexible ePortfolio system available.

MUPS was written in PHP and HTML and uses a PostgreSQL database (someone is in the process of porting it to MySQL)as the back end. For more techy information, we refer you to the documents tarball available on our download page from SourceForge. Just a note, the documentation may be a bit outdated. The next release should have a revised set of documentation, which is ballparked at around January.

News, February 16, 2005: We have a working MySQL port of the project and in doing so we discovered a "bug." You must edit php.ini to to turn on "output_buffering." On my development server phpinfo() returns "output_buffering 4096 4096" if that helps give you an idea of what to set the value. If you don't have access to php.ini then you need to create a .htaccess file somewhere on your webserver and it needs to say "PHP_FLAG output_buffering On" -- without the quotes. Big release forthcoming...

News, November 30, 2004: The Christmas deadline for a new release may not happen. I want to spend more time on security and other design issues than adding new features and also get started on a xhtml and css positioning layout and abandon all the tables. Oh, and documentation needs to be revised too. It will happen soon enough...

Changes and things to come..

What is a portfolio?

Please send comments, questions, etc to We'd really appreciate to hear from our users how they used, modified, liked, or disliked our project.

Original Developers: Ricci Adams, Travis Meisenheimer, Jacob Pender, and Ian Wickline

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